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Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N) - gallery

This gallery page was just made to show you some nice pictures and news

Januar 2007 - Some very nice news from Hungary
Leni av Moltemyr (N) and Polarstjernen av Moltemyr (N) are going to have kittens. Polarstjernen will be seven years old in May
and Leni will be three in July

Desember 29th 2006
News from Bergtor, Kastanje, Cara, Casper and

September 27th 2006
News from Jonas in England

Nowember 2005
Showresults from Debrecen in Hungary,
Nowember 12th 2005 - Jürgen Stein (D) - Leni CACE, BIV
Nowember 13th 2005 - Friedemann Lohff (D) - Leni CAGCE

Showresults from Ludvig in Germany

Showresults from Jonas in England

Showresults from Alene and Homer in Norway

Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos from the shows ;)))

News from England

Jonas' new girlfriend, Bella

Jonas and Bella outside...

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N)

13.11.04 Wesel 3-6 month BIV, BIS
14.11.04 Wesel 3-6 month BIV, BIS & BOB
19.02.05 Goch 6-10 month BIV & nom. BIS
20.02.05 Goch 6-10 month BIV, BIS
20.03.05 Essen 6-10 month BIV, BIS
10.04.05 Haan-Gruiten 6-10 month BIV, BIS, BOB
07.05.05 6-10 month BIV & nom
08.05.05 6-10 month BIV, BIS.
08.05.05 Here Ludvig also got 1st place best male kitten (special cat of the year)
and WCF Ring Kitten he also get the 2nd placeJ

Congratulation Ludvig and Silke...

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N)


Leni av Moltemyr (N)

Showresults from Debrecen in Hungary

Nowember 12th 2005 - Jürgen Stein (D) - Leni got CACE and BIV
Nowember 13th 2005 - Friedemann Lohff (D) - Leni got CAGCE

Here is a notice from Hungary... with Leni on the show

Leni is now Grand International Champion
Congratulation to Leni, Csilla and Jeno !!!


Leni, Budapest 17-18.09.2005. World Cat Show

Csilla and Leni

Some new photos of Leni in Hungary.

Leni av Moltemyr (N) at home in Hungary


(N) Tunballen's Alene

Alene and Wenche have been to Agderkatten's show
the 25. of June and she got EX 1, BIV and she was NOM.

Congratulation Alene

Alene and Wenche have been to
"Skogkattmesterskapet" and she got Raymond's special price.
Alene is a big sweet kitten that acted like she had been to shows all her short life;)

Alene and Raymond


Jonas av Moltemyr (N)

I had a nice e-mail April 9th from Heather and Jonas in England, and she wrote:
I've just got home from the Essex show with Jonas,and I'm delighted to say that he won his Open class - so that is his third certificate for his Premier title :))))) He also got Best of Breed and two seconds and one third place in his side classes (two of them were big classes)"
Congratulation to Heather and Jonas


Homer av Moltemyr (N)

Homer had his certificat and was NOM at Haurak's show March 6th
Congratulation to David Haraldseid and to Homer...
Homer is born April 22nd 2000 and he is after
GIC S*Tassajara's Santiago NFO n 22 and EC Bettie av Moltemyr (N) NFO n 23