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Dini-Gyldenlove vom Arlesbrunnen

Dini-Gyldenlove vom Arlesbrunnen , NFO nt 24, born July 6th 2009
Dini's mother is Mitidja vom Arlesbrunnen NFO nt 24
and her father is CH Raki vom Arlesbrunnen, NFO at 22

Thank you Christa for letting us have this beautiful kitten !!

vom Arlesbrunnen

Further down this page, you can see more photos of Dini ;)))

New photos February 2016

vom Arlesbrunnen

Health status
GSD IV negativ
PK-Def negativ

February 25th 2016

August 15th 2012

Dini - August 2011

August 3rd 2010

Champion, June 2010

April 2010

Desember 2009

Dini, 6 months old...

Dini, 6 months old...

Dini has been to Adelkatten's show
EX 1 and NOM on Saturday and EX 1 and NOM on Sunday

Dini-Gyldenlove, 5 months old

Dini-Gyldenlove, 4 months old and 2,5 kg

She has been to Norak's show
EX 1 and BIV-Tot U/J

Dini-Gyldenlove, 13 weeks old

she is a big, heavy girl on nearly 2 kg

Dini and Reve-Enka

Dini, 12 weeks old

She has a lovely coat ;))

Dini, 10 weeks old

Dini, 5 weeks old

Dini's mother
Mitidja vom Arlesbrunnen, NFO nt 24
GSD IV negative

Dini's father
CH Raki vom Arlesbrunnen, NFO at 22
GSD IV negative

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