Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N)

av Moltemyr (N) - Kittens born July 14th 2004

Mai av Moltemyr (N)

Raya and Rilians kittens 04
Raya Fracci av Nulder (N), black tabby with white
and S*Redtail's Prince Rilian, black silver tabby
Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos of the kittens ;)))

Mattis av Moltemyr (N)
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Kittens, born the 14th of July 2004

after Raya Fracci av Hulder (N) and S*Redtail's Prince Rilian

Name Sex Color New owners
Ludvig male NFO a 09 22 Silke Leppin, Germany - Osterfjord's
Lord male NFO n 09 22 Jan Petter Einarsen at Sjřverstř
Lars male NFO ns 22 Barbara Pedrini, Italy Nosgoth
Leni female NFO ns 22 Csilla and Jenö Fantö, Hungary - Silvestris
Lina female NFO n 22 Siv and Lars Hansen in Fredrikstad
Lazy female NFO ns 22 Astrid Střle Moe, Sandnes

3 boys and 3 girls

We are now 10 weeks old

Out in the new house in the sun...

Lord av Moltemyr (N)

NFO n 09 22, male

Lord, 2 weeks old

Lord, 5 weeks old

Lord 8 weeks old

Lord 11 weeks old


Lord 12 weeks old

Lord has left to stay with Jan Petter Einarsen at Sjřverstř nearby Tvedestrand,
a beautiful place by the seaside...

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N)

NFO a 09 (22), male

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N)
NFO a 09 22, male
2 weeks old

Ludvig, 5,5 weeks old

Ludvig 8 weeks old

Ludvig, Lina and Lord
11 weeks old

Ludvig 11 weeks old

Ludvig 12 weeks old

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N),
NFO a 09 22, blue tabby bloched with white, male
the day before leaving for Germany

Ludvig and Silke here at home in Arendal.
Now he is living with Silke Leppin and Hans Eisenkopf in Germany

Ludvigs' shows

Ludvig has already been at a two days show in Wesel .
Saturday the 13.11: BIV and Best in show
Sunday the 14.11: BIV, BIS and BEST OF BEST.
and Silke tells me "We are very proud of our little boy and he was
everyones darling because he was very relaxed."
and I am very proud too...

19.02.05 Goch 6-10 month BIV & nom. BIS
20.02.05 Goch 6-10 month BIV, BIS
20.03.05 Essen 6-10 month BIV, BIS
10.04.05 Haan-Gruiten 6-10 month BIV, BIS, BOB
07.05.05 6-10 month BIV & nom
08.05.05 6-10 month BIV, BIS.
08.05.05 Here Ludvig also got 1st place best male kitten (special cat of the year)
and WCF Ring Kitten he also get the 2nd place J

Suedlohn 12.02.06, Ludvig CACIB and Ludvigs Babys was BIS and Ludvigs son Snorre was BIS & BOB baby

Duisburg 12.03.06, Ludvig CACIB, BIV and BIS.

Nijmegen (Netherland) 24.09.06, Ludvig International Champion, BIV & nom

Wesel 12.11.06, Ludvig CAGCIB and BIS!!!
Our litter after Ludvig was both days BIS and Ludvig's son Ultimo was also both days BIS Baby ;)))

Dortmund 17.12.06 Ludvig got his 2nd CAGCIB and BIV, and his son Ultimo was BIS 3-6 months

Duffel (Belgium) 21.01.07 Ludvig got his 3rd CAGCIB and Great International Champion, he became BIS and BOB. The comment from the judge was with pleasure

Südlohn-Öding 11.2.07 Ludvig CACE and nominated for BIS

25.03.07 Ludvig got his 2nd CACE, nominated and BIS. His daughter Mary-Lou of Magic Moonlight - BIS adult females

Ludvig av Moltemyr (N)

Leni av Moltemyr (N)

NFO ns 22, female

From TV in Hungary I had this video from at a cat show and at home
with Csilla Fantö and Silvestris where Leni av Moltemyr (N) and Polarstjernen av Moltemyr (N) are living.

In the video you can see kittens after Leni and Polarstjernen. The big white one with blue eyes is Tyr, 9 months old and 5 kg. The younger white one, with green eyes is Niels, 4,5 months old and 3 kg. His white odd-eyed brother is Nordlys
and the brown tabby one is Niorn.

Evita and Raya are very proud of their grandchildren. I sure am proud of them too.

Silvestris Niels Silvestris Niorn Csilla and Silvestris Tyr

Leni, 2 weeks old

Leni, 6 weeks old

Leni 8 weeks old

Leni 11 weeks old


Leni 12 weeks old

Leni and my grandchild Vilde
just home from a carnival...

Leni av Moltemyr (N), moved to Csilla and Jenö Fantö, Hungary
They came here to Arendal to pick her up and take her home

Some new photos of Leni in Hungary

Leni has been to some shows. In Debrecen July 7th 2004 she had CACE and Best of Breed
In Altheim September 25th 2004 she had CAGCIB and Best in Variety

Leni had her titles
Champion, Niklasdorf June 19th 2005
International Champion, Altheim September 24th 2005 and

Grand International Champion, Altheim 25th September2005


Leni, Budapest 17-18.09.2005. World Cat Show

Csilla and Leni

Leni av Moltemyr (N) at home in Hungary

Leni, January 2006
Thank you Csilla
for these nice photos ;)))

Ludvig and

Leni March 06

Lars av Moltemyr (N)

NFO n 22, male

Lars, 2 weeks old

Lars, 5,5 weeks old

Lars 8 weeks old

Lars 11 weeks old


Lars 11 weeks old

Leni, Lars and Ludvig


Lars av Moltemyr (N),
NFO n 22, black tabby bloched, male
is living in Italy together with Barbara Pedrini - Nosgoth and her family.
Here are Lars and the little son.


in Italy

Leni, Lars and Ludvig

Lazy av Moltemyr (N)

NFO ns 22, female

Lazy, 2 weeks old

Lazy, 5 weeks old

Lazy 8 weeks old

Lazy 11 weeks old


Lazy 12 weeks old

Lina av Moltemyr (N)

NFO n 22, female

Lina, 2 weeks old

Lina av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 22, female

Lina, 5,5 weeks old

Lina 8 weeks old

Lina 11 weeks old

Lina 12 weeks old

Lina av Moltemyr (N)
Lina is now living in Fredrikstad with
Siv and Lars Hansen and the children Daniel at 14, Ida at 9 and Andreas at 4.

Lina av Moltemyr (N)
Lina and her new friend Bianca av Sandrabben (N)

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