Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N)

av Moltemyr (N) - Kittens born May 1st 1998 after

Varg av Moltemyr (N)

Evita and Santiago's kittens 98
GIC (N) Catline Evita NFO w, white
and IC S*Tassajaras Santiago, NFO n 22
Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos of the kittens ;)))

Vetle av Moltemyr (N)
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Kittens born on the 1st of May 1998
after GIC (N) Catline Evita and GIC S*Tassajara's Santiago, NFO n 22

Oda, Ozzy, Odin and Oliver

Ozzy av Moltemyr (N)

Oda av Moltemyr (N)

Odin av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 23

Oliver av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 23

The litter 6 weeks old

and newborn


Oda left home to live with Lily Thijssen-Peters with av Skogskraft in Netherland
She is now called Noortje

Here she is with one of the kittens she had April 10th 2002

The whole litter


Ozzy stayed with me until he was nearly 6 months old
before he left to his new owner Lisbeth Mork.

I took him to a show and in Tønsberg when he was 5 months old,
he had EX1, BIV-tot and he was nominated,
only beaten by Fant av Moltemyr (N)
who became Best in Show that day.

Ozzy also became Sørlandsmester this year


IP Oliver av Moltemyr (N), moved to Anne Lise Isaksen, Arendal


Odin av Moltemyr (N) moved to Linn Elleri, Son

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