Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N)

av Moltemyr (N) - Kittens born April 4th 1997 after

Varg av Moltemyr (N)

Evita and Santiago's kittens 97
GIC (N) Catline Evita NFO w, white
and IC S*Tassajaras Santiago, NFO n 22
Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos of the kittens ;)))

Vetle av Moltemyr (N)
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Kittens born on the 4th of April 1997
after GIC (N) Catline Evita, NFO w and IC S*Tassajaras Santiago, NFO n 22

Nora, Nano, Njord and Neve

Nora av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 23

Nano av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 22

Njord av Moltemyr (N)
NFO n 22

Neve av Moltemyr (N)

It was a "frosty" litter...

Nora in Switzerland

Nora one year old

IC Nora av Moltemyr (N), moved to Ines Ramseier CH*Fram's , Switzerland

Nano av Moltemyr (N), moved to Tone Rølland

Nominated and the Best Club cat
on our show 1997,
Neve av Moltemyr (N)

Neve av Moltemyr (N), moved to Rita R. Porter, Atlanta, USA

Njord and I went to Adelkatten's show the day
before he left for France and he did a good show,
Best In Varaiety and he was Nominated

Njord became GIC on show In Paris La Villette, 2000

GIC Njord av Moltemyr (N), moved to Monique Milville de Wood Lake , France

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