Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N)

av Moltemyr (N) - Kittens born June 21st 2004 after

Varg av Moltemyr (N)

Evita and Prince Rilian's kittens 2004
GIC (N) Catline Evita NFO w, white
and S*Redtail's Prince Rilian NFO ns 22, black silver tabby
Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos of the kittens ;)))

Vetle av Moltemyr (N)
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Kittens born June 21th 2004

GIC (N) Catline Evita, NFO white and
S*Redtail's Prince Rilian, NFO black silver tabby

Name Sex Color New owners
Vegar male NFO ns 22 Beate and Wilfried Wiese, Germany, av Skollerud
Vetle male NFO w Linn Kongelstad
Varg male NFO ns Karina Selde, Denmark, av Selde


The black silver tabby mackerel boy, 11 days and 303 gr

The black silver tabby mackerel boy, 24 days old

Vegar 7 weeks old

Vegar 9 weeks old

Vegar 11 weeks old

Beate and Wilfried here in Arendal
Vegar left to stay with Beate and Wilfried Wiese
with the breeding name av Skollerud in Germany

Saturday, 16. Oktober 2004, Vegar had his big day: His first show in Luckenwalde.
He became EXCELLENT 1 and he was NOMINATED for BEST IN SHOW!
The judge was Frau Waltraut Sattler (D).

Auf der IX. & X. Internationalen Rassekatzen-Ausstellung in Stettin zeigte sich Vegar wieder von seiner besten Seite: Am Sa., 23. April 2005 bewertete ihn Frau S. Bruin (NL) als sehr harmonisch und vorzüglich im Typ. Er erhielt sein erstes CAC und wurde Rassesieger (Best in Variete - BIV). Am So., 24. April bescheinigte ihm Frau K. Rautio (FL) ein äußerst vielversprechender süßer junger Kater zu sein und er verdiente sich sein zweites CAC.

Stettin, Poland April 8th 2006. Vegar had his third CAC and was Champion

Stettin, Poland April 9th 2006. Vegar had CACIB and he and was nominated for BIS
and Beate wrote me: We love him! By judging he was the coolest and nicest boy you have ever seen :-).

Hansestadt Lübeck, July 7th 2006. Vegar had Ex 1, CACIB, BIV, Nom. BIS

1. DEKZV e. V. (FIFé) in Schneverdingen, September 30th 2006.

Vegar had Ex 1, CACIB and he is now

International Champion

Vegar in Stettin

Vegar in the snow winter 2005


The white boy, 11 days old and 299 gr.

The white boy, 24 days old.

Vetle 7 weeks old

Vetle 9 weeks old

Vetle 11 weeks old

Vetle is now living in Oslo, on Ekeberg with Linn Kongelstad and her daughter.
He is growing to be a big guy...

Vetle is a happy boy going out for free and now he is neutred.


The black silver boy, 11 days old and 269 gr

The black silver boy, 24 days old

All of them 5 weeks old

Varg 7 weeks old

Varg 9 weeks old

Varg 11 weeks old

Varg is growing to be a good looking boy...

Varg left to stay with Karina Selde
with the breeding name av Selde in Denmark

Varg out in the snow January the 1st 2006...

Vetle, Vegar and Varg

Having a good time

Play, play and play again

Do not have to be older to be playing...

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