Norwegian Forest Cats - av Moltemyr (N)

av Moltemyr (N) - Kittens born on the 17th of November 2003 after

Lord av Moltemyr (N)

after Ch. Reve-Enka av Moltemyr (N) and EC Sammy av Krekling (N)
Further down this page, you can see a lot of photos of the kittens ;)))

Tuva av Moltemyr (N)
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Ch. Reve-Enka av Moltemyr (N), NFO n 09 22 and
EC Sammy av Krekling (N), NFO ns 09


August, 4 weeks old

August av Moltemyr (N), male,
NFO n 09 22, 3 weeks old

August, 5 weeks old

August, 7 weeks old

August is now living together with Stian, his family and Raptus, the dog, in Askim.

August and Stian at Smaalenene's show 25.04.04,
August had EX 1 and NOM
Photo taken by Ellen Rønning, thank you Ellen ;-)

August, September 2005


Aske, 6 weeks old

Aske av Moltemyr (N)
female, NFO n 09 22
1 week old

4 weeks old

Aske, 7 weeks old
Aske left to stay with Anne,
(N) Norodden cattery


Ask av Moltemyr (N)
male, NFO ns 09 22
7 weeks old

Ask and Cathrine in Bodø.
Cathrine waited for Ask for a long, long time and
when he arrived they made best friends at once.
I know he will have a good life there


Aurora av Moltemyr (N)
female, NFO ns 09 22
5 weeks old

6 weeks old

Aurora left to stay with Anne and
(N) Norodden cattery

Anne and Aurora some time ago...


April av Moltemyr (N)
female, NFO n 09 22
11 weeks old

April, easter -04
April left to stay with Runa and David
at Kolbotn. Here she can climb threes and have a good time and in a while maybee she can have some kittens here at my place.
She is really a beautiful girl...

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