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(N) Migoto's Tuva

(N) Migoto’s Tuva, NFO n 24, 27th of December 2012

Tuva's mother is SW’10 SC (N) Migoto’s Johanne, JW, DVM, DSM NFO f 24
and her father is S*Zygot’s Bianco D’angelo, NFO w

Thank you Eva for letting us have this beautiful kitten !!

Tuva's pedigree on PawPeds


Further down this page, you can see more photos of Tuva ;)))

News and new photos March 2016

Health status

GSD IV negative (both parents negative)
PK-Def Normal - N/N
HCM normal 2014

Tuva, March 2016 :)

Tuva 9 months old

2 x EX 1, BIV-T, 2 x NOM and 2 x BIS at Verak's show

Tuva on Sørak's show - 31th of August and 1st of September

2 x EX 1, 2 x BIV-T, 2 x NOM and BIS Sunday

Tuva - August 2013

Tuva on Agderkatten's show 29th and 30th of June
Ex 1, NOM and Best in Show
Best club cat Kat II and Best club cat over all on Saturday

Ex 1, BIV-T and NOM (with wote) on Sunday

Tuva on the show

Tuva outside one sunny day in June

Tuva on Řstfoldskatten's show 6th and 7th of April
2 x Ex 1 and BIV-T on Sunday
Best in Show litter both days

Tuva 11 weeks old

Tuva 8 weeks old


Tuva 2 weeks old

Tuva 4 days old

Tuva's mother

SW’10 SC (N) Migoto’s Johanne, JW, DVM, DSM - NFO f 24

Tuva's father

S*Zygot’s Bianco D’angelo - NFO w

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