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RIP - S*Chop Suey´s Mistic Molte

S*Chop Suey´s Mistic Molte , NFO n 22, Desember 31st 2009 - January 30st 2011

Molte's mother is IC S*Nenya´s Zotoh Zhaan, NFO f 09 24
and his father is CH (D) Finnsdalen´s Innozenz, NFO d 23

Thank you Linda and Sara for letting us have this beautiful kitten !!

Molte's pedigree on Pawpeds

S*Chop Suey´s

Further down this page, you can read the story and see more photos of Mistic Molte ;)))

News and new photos January 2011


S*Chop Suey´s Mistic Molte

After many years of looking and waiting, I finally found the male of my dreams at Sara & Linda, S*Chop Suey's. Mistic Molte, the male of my dreams, wasn't only of high standard technically, he was also the kindest and sweetest of males. From his first day at our home, he was first to the door to meet visitors in his unbelievable confident way. When we had kittens, he made friends with them all. I decided to keep Love ands also Fields. My plans for Fields were to eventually neuter him, so that he and Molte could be mates. Molte had turned one year and I was looking forward to him becoming a father here, Dolce Vita was ready and I could hardly wait. The biggest tragedy of all came like lightning from a clear sky. Molte lie dead.

I have now received the autopsy from my veterinary. Molte died of a Cardiac arrest. They didn't find anything wrong, not HCM, heart defekt/disease or anything else.
This is the kind of thing that makes you want to give up, but all the compassionate thoughts, mails and regards from fellow Forest Cat enthusiasts really have helped to keep me going. A warm thank you to all of you.

Cardiac arrest - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An unbelievable sad Sunday at Moltemyr, January 30st 2011

My lovely affectionate Molte died suddenly. No sign of being ill or that anything was wrong. He was outside in the sun for a little while together with Dolce Vita and in the evening two hours after I had combed them he was laying on the blanket dead. Looked like he was only sleeping. Imagine, just two hours after being combed, as content as always jumping around. I cannot understand it and am in chock. I took him to the vet. The X-ray showed nothing unusual, so we have to wait for the autopsy results.

Molte was the most nice and easy, kindest and most beautiful cat I could ever wish for!

Mistic Molte and Dolce Vita - January 2011

Molte - Desember 2010

Molte and Vilde

S*Chop Suey´s Mistic Molte

Health status
GSD IV negative (both parents negative)
and both parents are HCM tested, normal

Molte - soon 10 months old

Molte - soon 10 months old

Molte - soon 10 months old

Molte - sweet as always

Mistic Molte, BIV-Total and NOM at Sørak's show August 2010

Mistic Molte, BIV-Total at Terak's show July 2010

Mistic Molte, NOM in Karlstad July 2010

Mistic Molte, 2 x BIV and NOM at Adelkatten's show June 2010


Mistic Molte, 2 x NOM at Agderkatten's show in Arendal June 2010

Mistic Molte, May 2010

Molte, finaly at home

Dini and Molte

Lots of great photos of Mistic Molte, all taken by Linda

Molte, 3 months old

Molte, 12 weeks old

Molte, 9 weeks old

Mistic Molte, 8 weeks old

Molte, 7 weeks old

Molte, 6 weeks old

Molte, 2 weeks old

Mistic Molte, newborn

Molte's mother

IC S*Nenya´s Zotoh Zhaan, NFO f 09 24

Molte's father

CH (D) Finnsdalen´s Innozenz, NFO d 23

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